Project Description

Jr. Executive Leadership Program:

The Jr. Executive Program prepares teens for work readiness, career development, and entrepreneurship through hands-on experiences and vocational life skills development. The goal is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in the real career world. Accordingly, teens who want the opportunity, are ready to accept the responsibility, and are committed to enter the workforce or business world are recruited, trained, coached and supported. Teens learn the dynamics of work responsibility and accountability while developing new skills needed in the global marketplace. Corporate exposure, advanced financial education, internships, entrepreneurial development, personal code of conduct, job placement, and ethics are critical components of the program. In addition to evaluating and measuring the program goals, objectives and desired outcomes, each participant is also given a pre- and post-vocational aptitude assessment that measures their skills, abilities, attitude, interests, and achievements. The Jr. Executive Leadership Program is made possible by the Microsoft Elevate America Initiative with generous mentoring support from other corporate partners.