What Does The Brotherhood Crusade Do For The Community?


The Brotherhood Crusade provides: Seed Money for start-up non-profit organizations that provide vital services to families in the community Emergency Funding for those affected by catastrophic situations Technical Assistance to agencies who are in need of financial management Supportive Assistance by providing office space, equipment, and various services to agencies until they can become self sufficient Direct Grants to non-profit agencies Economic Development to minority small business owners who need loans and technical assistance Health Awareness Programs and Health Fairs to educate families on health issues that are adversely affecting our community Scholarships and mentoring programs for middle and high school [...]

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Why Should I Give To The Brotherhood Crusade?


I should give because: I care, and I choose to give to those who are less fortunate Brotherhood Crusade is a grassroots organization that is located in an under-served community and can understand and identify the needs of the community Anyone of us, at anytime, may find ourselves in need.  The Brotherhood Crusade is working to see that help will be there when the need arises Brotherhood Crusade provides direct services to families and agencies in the community by attending to their immediate needs Brotherhood Crusade does not receive any government funding.  Your continuous donation through payroll deduction and personal giving [...]

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