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50 Feeds LA


Repost from @dodgersfoundation • In May, we joined @5050foundation once again to partner up on the “50 Feeds LA” campaign to raise funds for @bhcrusade to provide 400,000 meals to youth and families in south Los Angeles. Tonight we presented Brotherhood Crusade with a check of $130,230. Thanks @mrs.briannabetts and @mookiebetts! #BiggerThanBaseball Repost from @mookiebetts • Dodger’s Black Heritage Day recap: Thanks @christucker for stopping by to catch a game! Huge shoutout to the @5050foundation x @bhcrusade for their “50 Feeds LA” campaign that helps feed families in south Los Angeles and being awarded funds to further their mission! Definitely an [...]

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TikTok Includes Brotherhood Crusade in $850,000 Grant


TikTok named the Brotherhood Crusade to receive an endowment from an $850,000 grant designated to African American organizations working to undo the damage caused by systemic racism through actionable public policy. Organizations to receive the grant include the Brooklyn Community Foundation , Chicago-based My Block My Hood My City , and The Brotherhood Crusade in South Los Angeles. "As TikTok becomes the online destination for Gen Zers, the construction of race and expressions of racism are becoming a foundational part of how users understand each other. I am honored to join this council to help bring attention to the challenges and [...]

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Hyundai Donates $20,000 to the Brotherhood Crusade


Hyundai Motor America donated $20,000 to the Brotherhood Crusade to support its COVID-19 community outreach. Brotherhood Crusade is currently raising $500,000 for its Community Rapid Response Fund to further help support South Los Angeles families during the COVID-19 pandemic. With this funding, the organization provides community support around food and housing insecurities, as well as greater direct access to technologies that facilitate homeschooling and address mental health support. “During these unprecedented times in our nation – a global pandemic, economic crisis, and social unrest – it is important that we come together to help each other. We can meet the challenges [...]

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We need everyone in this fight for change


As we continue this journey together, it is critical that we tell a story that African Americans are having a crisis of humanity at every level. It will not be enough to just protest for the thousands of African Americans who have been murdered by law enforcement in Los Angeles and across the United States. Institutional racism is our story. For decades, data is telling a story that my people (African Americans) are experiencing a level of death, trauma and disproportionate impact that all of us should be alarmed. It is not acceptable that African Americans are the hardest hit by [...]

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Urbane Café to host VIP Grand Opening


Urbane Café in North Hollywood will host its VIP Grand Opening and Fundraiser to benefit the Brotherhood Crusade on Monday, July 6, 2020, 11:00am to 2:00pm. Note there is a limited amount of tickets to ensure safe and healthy social distancing. Guests may RSVP here to join. According to Caprice Kindgren, Urbane Café  Marketing Manager, “When we first learned about the Brotherhood Crusade we knew this was the organization we wanted to partner with for our New Café in North Hollywood. The way they support the underserved youth in the community touched our hearts and we wanted get involved right away.” Stacy Hill-Williams, HR/Communication & Development Director, Brotherhood Crusade said, "We are so [...]

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AT&T donates $20,000 to Brotherhood Crusade


The effects of the COVID-19 are being felt near and far, and the work of organizations like ours has never been so important. As the needs in our community rise, we have been able to do more because we have help from our partners. Contributions to our work have been essential to our ability to scale our efforts and continue serving those in need. With AT&T’s support, Brotherhood Crusade is providing families in our communities with food vouchers and financial aid for housing support in response to the impact of COVID-19. Across the state, AT&T California has contributed more than $3.5 million to community-based organizations that [...]

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JPMorgan Chase teams with Brotherhood Crusade


 JPMorgan Chase has made a $160,000 commitment to the Brotherhood Crusade’s COVID-19 community relief efforts in response to the increasing economic disparities in South Los Angeles caused by the pandemic. The firm’s investment will focus on new workforce skills development and training. The funds will help the Brotherhood Crusade to deliver coaching, training and career transition to support disconnected youth, and underemployed and unemployed families impacted by the COVID-19 crisis across South Los Angeles. “The COVID-19 crisis is disproportionately affecting people of color across the country which will have long-lasting economic consequences for families and our communities,” said Tracy Dennis, Global Philanthropy [...]

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Wells Fargo Provides $50,000 Grant


In response to the Brotherhood Crusade's COVID-19 Community Rapid Response Fund, Wells Fargo donated a $50,000 grant to help Los Angeles community youth, young adults and families during this critical time. The funds are designed for the most under-served communities that are being adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. “Wells Fargo is proud to support The Brotherhood Crusade in their mission of improving quality of life and meeting the unmet needs of low-income, under-represented individuals through impactful programming such as at-risk youth prevention, life & social skills training, pre & post-employment services, financial education and more,” said Jack Olree, Wells Fargo [...]

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